Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Design with Patients in Mind

2015 Patient Centered Behavioral Health Design Competition

June 1, 2015 through August 7, 2015

2015 Patient-Centered Behavioral Health Project Description

According to leading researchers in the field of health environment design, the evidence that exists on the subject of behavioral health environments is currently not sufficient to influence the design of such spaces (Shepley, Design Research and Behavioral Health Facilities, 2013).  This year, the Institute’s goal is to raise awareness of the needs of patients in mental health facilities. We invite design teams to submit their ideas (in the form of built or schematic designs for this area). 

The Patient Centered Behavioral Health Environment is one in which patients receiving treatment for mental disorders are allowed to retain their personal dignity, comfort and control of as many aspects of their environment as possible, while limiting opportunities for patients to harm themselves or others. This environment should be welcoming, relaxing, comforting and help the patients to be open to the treatment that will be provided to them.

We will build a model of a behavioral health space to be on exhibit in 2016; and we would like to see your ideas! Submit your design for a chance to win a full conference registration for the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference and present your project as a conference speaker.

Competition Requirements

Terms: Top 2-3 teams may be asked to submit one 30”x40” board and a complete virtual model (Revit, 3ds Max or Sketch Up) representing their design solutions to be displayed during the conference. All participants should agree to the following:  

  • Ship the board to be delivered by 11/13/15 to a Washington, DC location to be determined. 
  • Share CAD and 3D model files by 9/1/15, to be used to prepare the virtual reality presentation. 
  • Present the project in a conference session at the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in Washington, DC
  • Provide construction documents for the model, which may be built in 2016.

Submit your Design Solution in 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Review 2015 Patient Centered Behavioral Health Design Competition Call for Submissions and any of the following reference materials. 

Step 2: Determine the appropriate category for entry.

- Category A: New Design Solution – New ideas that respond directly to this Call for Submissions

- Category B: Commissioned Project – Built or un-built commissioned projects with patient-centric attributes as described in this Call for Submissions

For either category, you may submit an adult or pediatric acute inpatient behavioral healthcare patient bedroom, complete with adjacent bathroom including shower


a Nurse Station design that appears to be less “institutional,” encouraging easy exchanges between staff and patients, while also providing a secure space for staff (with provisions to prevent attacks or unwanted entry to the staff area).

Step 3: Prepare your submission package. All entries must be presented as blind submissions (no identifying information on the project team). Unless otherwise noted, drawings shall be ¼” scale, formatted on six 8 ½” x 11” pages as a pdf file. Emailed submissions should be size 4 MB or smaller. Larger files should be submitted by mail (see below). Submissions should be organized in the following format.

Page 1. Form A: Submission cover sheet (page 7 of the Call for Submissions)

Page 2. Partial floor plan (1/8” scale) showing the patient bedroom and surrounding areas

Page 3. Full color finished floor plan showing flooring pattern patient room and/or nurse’s station

Page 4. Minimum of 2 Elevations (Photographs are acceptable for Category B)

Page 5. 2 full color 3D drawings of the interior space (Photographs are acceptable for Category B)

Page 6. Completed Form B: Product selections (page 8 of the Call for Submissions)

Step 4:

Complete online registration and submit the entry fee of $299.00. Submissions must be transmitted via email to the address provided when you register for the competition. Register online at OR

Mail your submission by completing the registration form (page 9 of the Call for Submissions) and sending a hard copy of the form and a CD or USB drive containing a 6-page pdf file of your submission (all documents listed in Step 3) to:

Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

P.O. Box 856

Summerville, SC 29484

A check for the entry fee of $299.00 payable to “Institute for Patient-Centered Design” must accompany your submission. Mailed submissions must be received no later than August 7, 2015. Upon receipt of your submission, you will receive an email confirmation.