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Pediatric Oncology Treatment The Importance of Normal Family Life
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Issue 28 -  Suggestions for Making Pediatric Hospitals More Friendly for Families
Issue 27 - Empathy is a crucial component of design
Issue 26 - The NICU is a Wondrous Place
Issue 25 - Inspired by the desire to give back
Issue 24 -The Patient & Family Centered NICU at HCD.13
Issue 23 - The Patient Experience Simulation Lab at HCD.12
Issue 22 - A Recap of the 2012 HEALTHCARE DESIGN Conference
Issue 21 - A Lesson From Patients
Issue 20 - Lean Design is Patient-Centric!
Issue 19 - HCD.11: Educating Empowering, Understanding Patients' Needs
Issue 18 - Spotlight on Mardelle Shepley and Her New Book
Issue 17 - Hospital/College Studio Collaboration
Issue 16 - Home Healthcare Design
Issue 15 - Innovation Meets Patients' Needs
Issue 14 - Design To Meet the Needs of All Users
Issue 13- Simple Technology Makes a Huge Impact
Issue 12 - Design Impact on Breastfeeding Rates
Issue 11 - Design Solutions for “Always Events”
Issue 10 - Design with Compassion
Issue 09 - For Patients: Our Central Focus
Issue 08 - Health Facility Design:  Career or Calling
Issue 07 - Electronic Charting: A step forward?
Issue 06 - First-Hand Experience Drives Innovation
Issue 05 - Patients Suffering in Pain
Issue 04 - Changes Where They are Needed Most
Issue 03 - Family-Centered Care and Health Facility Design
Issue 02 - The Joint Commission: A Valuable Resource for Patients
Issue 01 - Volunteer Work: Gain invaluable experience while giving back

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