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Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Design with Patients in Mind


About the Mom Friendly Network

Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improve patient outcomes through environmental design. We have created the Lactation Design Program to raise awareness of the impact that physical accommodations may have on a mother's breastfeeding decisions. The MomFriendly Network is a component of the Lactation Design Initiative. The Network strives to raise awareness of breastfeeding advantages, rights, and the needs of breastfeeding moms in order to break breastfeeding barriers that many mothers face outside of the home.

Our team is comprised of mothers, clinicians and design professionals, collaborating to assist companies in providing appropriate accommodations for breastfeeding moms.

The Institute is working to improve healthcare environments by serving as patient advocates in the

design of health facilities.

You may also find our research paper published in the Health Environments Research & Design Journal.