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Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit:   Frequently Asked Questions

What is a summit?

A summit is a meeting of leaders in a specific area of focus, representing all perspectives that have a stake in the arena. This “mountaintop” experience allows them to discuss the current state of their work and develop vision-oriented solutions, changes and breakthroughs to bring about improvements.

What is the Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit?

The Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit is the ideal opportunity for the leaders in health facility design to come together and brainstorm on new solutions for health facility accommodations.

This is a multidisciplinary approach to patient-centered design. With delegates representing hospitals across the country posing challenges to design professionals, the users (patients, families and clinicians) will also be in attendance to share their needs and collaborate on patient-centered design solutions.

What will I gain from this experience?

Professional Relationships: PCD-IS participants will have opportunities to build professional relationships with other leaders in the field, through the small group innovation sessions. These sessions are sized to allow everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion and have their voices heard.

Design Rounds: The “Design Rounds” will include practicing nurses, doctors, patients and family members on site to simulate multiple healthcare scenarios, enabling participants to ask questions, propose ideas, and leave with a complete understanding of the spaces they are tasked to design.

Innovation Sessions: The PCD-IS will be divided into several teams representing a diversity stakeholders in health facility design (patients, families, clinicians, designers, researchers, etc.). Each team will collaborate on challenges posed by actual health care facility leaders with the goal of developing new solutions for patient-centered design.

Toolkit: Ideas and solutions developed during the 3-day intensive innovation sessions will be captured and disseminated to all participants in the form of a toolkit, with resources and tools to continue innovation after the PCD-IS has concluded.

How much will it cost me?

Here are the summit registration costs.  Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

$499.00 Early Bird Price (through May 31, 2015)

$599.00 (June 1 – July 31, 2015)

$650.00 (After July 31, 2015)

Hotel Accommodations:

All hotel discounts have expired at this time.  To find a suggested list of hotels that are within a comfortable walking distance go to 

Are meals included in registration?

Summit registration includes the following meals.

Sunday, September 27, 2015: Sunday Brunch & Welcome Reception (Dinner)

Monday, September 28, 2015: Lunch

Tuesday, September 29, 2015: Lunch

All other meal times are on your own, allowing time to enjoy the city of Charleston and nearby beaches. For more information, please visit

Will transportation be provided?

Reservations for our complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport expires on 9/10/2015 at midnight.  To take advantage of this service complete this form  by midnight on 9/10/2015.


For more information on ground (or water) transportation, please visit

What about parking?

The Harbour Club does not have their own parking.  If you are staying at a local hotel, we recommend that you take advantage of the hotel shuttle.  If you will be driving your car there is parking available on the street or at the East Bay/Prioleau Street Parking Garage located at 25 Prioleau St (a block from the Harbour Club).  The current fees are $1 rates with a maximum of $16 for the day (Cash & CC).  For additional information please go to .

Are you looking for speakers?

Instead of lecture style presentations, PCD-IS invites all participants (delegates and collaborators) to share their experiences. Each registrant will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. 

For those attendees interested in sharing specific project case studies, we are taking submissions for “table topics.” This is the opportunity to present a health facility design project during a lunch session. Tables will be pre-labeled for each topic, allowing participants to select the lunch tables based on their topic of interest. Registrants should indicate their interest in presenting a table topic during the registration process, and they will be contacted for more information.

What is the Patient Experience Simulation Lab?

The Patient Experience Simulation Lab is an interactive workshop that enables participants to engage in discussions and simulated activities with practicing clinicians, patients and families. This learning laboratory experience is hosted inside a full scale mock-up of a healthcare space, allowing participants to “kick the tires” on design ideas and brainstorm on new strategies.

Who should attend the Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit?

The PCD-IS is open to health facility designers (architects, engineers, interior designers, medical planners), industrial designers, graphic designers, clinicians, facility management staff, hospital leadership, patients, families, researchers, students, and anyone with an interest in improving patient accommodations within the health system.

Why hold the Inaugural PCD-IS event in Charleston, SC?

Charleston, SC was selected as the location of the first PCD-IS because it is the ideal location for the “mountaintop” experience. This city is rich in culture and historic architecture. It is the home of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), a leading research institute and academic medical center. MUSC has opened its Hollings Cancer Center and its Simulation Center to the PCD-IS for the purpose of facilitating innovation and education that will ultimately benefit future health facility accommodations.

As a coastal city, Charleston boasts beautiful beaches and waterfront attractions, as well as award winning food and tourist experiences. It consistently ranks among the top historic destinations and weekend getaway locations. For four consecutive years, it was named the number 1 tourist destination by Conde Nast Traveler.