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Over 2000 design and health care professionals have been educated in our simulation labs.





The NICU Patient/Family Experience Simulation Lab is a full scale mock up of a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) single family room, showing a portion of the adjoining corridor.


Opportunities are plentiful for design intervention in the behavioral health space; and designers are up for the challenge


Family-Centered Cancer Care Simulation Lab is a full scale mock-up of an inpatient pediatric oncology space.


  • 2022, University of South Carolina, Physical Therapy Course, guest lecture on Patient-Centered Design

  • 2021, Georgia Institute of Technology, Industrial Design course, guest lecture and project partnership

  • 2021, University of Pennsylvania Architectural Design course, guest lecture


  • May 2022, Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care, Health Equity

  • 2021, “Diversity in Health Care Design,” LS3P Health Care Virtual Retreat  


· November 2021, Savannah College of Art & Design, Architecture Professional Practice course, guest lecturer

· Fall 2020, “Health Care Design,” MUSC Office of Interprofessional Initiatives, course director

· April 2020, “Patient-Centered Design/Design-Thinking,” MUSC College of Medicine, Health Humanities Track (four week course), facilitator

· Dec. 2019, “MUSC Health Proposed Learning Lobby,” MUSC Nursing Showcase, co-presenter

· Aug – Dec. 2019, “Patient-Centered Design,” MUSC Office of Interprofessional Initiatives, course facilitator

· Nov. 2019, “Design Thinking for Health Care,” MUSC Compassion in Action Program, workshop designer and facilitator

· Nov. 2019, “Transforming the Patient Experience,” Healthcare Design Conference (HCD), speaker

· Nov. 2019, “Design Thinking: Leading Stakeholders to Innovation,” HCD, Conference, speaker

· Oct. 2019, “Human-Centered Design in Health Care,” Planetree Conference, speaker

· July 2019, “The Value of Storytelling in Education,” South Carolina Conference on Innovative Teaching and Learning, presenter

· May 2019, “Solving Problems with Design Thinking,” MUSC Innovation Week, panelist

· April 2019, “Patients and Families as Partners in Care,” MUSC Course (IP 741), speaker/course facilitator

· Feb. 2019, “Strategic Design Workshop” MUSC Master of Health Administration, lecturer

· Nov. 2018 and 2019, “Mock-up vs. VR: Which is a Better Tool During Design?” Healthcare Design (HCD) Conference, co-presenter

· Nov. 2018, “Behavioral Health Innovation” Healthcare Design Conference, moderator

· April 2018, “Next Generation in Ambulatory Planning,” Carolinas Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, panelist

· April 2018, “Health Care Capital Project Planning,” MUSC Master of Health Administration (Health Care Strategy) Class, co-presenter

· April 2018, “Designing Healthcare Experiences,” SCAD School of Building Arts Lecture Series, “The Art of Healing,” guest lecturer

· October 2017: “Behavioral Health Design,” Cornell Healthy Futures Roundtable, panelist

· May 2017: “Lessons from Patient and Family Experience to Inform New Design Strategies,” 2017 Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Conference workshop presenter

· Feb. 2016: “Through the Patient’s Eyes,” ACE Summit, session presenter

· Nov. 2014: “Family Centered Oncology Design,” HCD Conference, moderator

· Oct. 2014: “Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Product Design,” Stanford University, virtual guest lecturer and design charrette facilitator

· Feb. 2014: “Guiding Principles of Patient-Centered Design,” Advanced Healthcare Lighting Symposium (by Cooper Lighting), presenter

· Jan. 2014: “Patient and Family-Centered NICU, 2014 Industrial Design Challenge,” Georgia Institute of Technology, guest lecturer and design competition facilitator

· Nov. 2013 and 2014: “NICU Simulation Lab,” Healthcare Design Conference, facilitator

· Nov. 2012: “Patient Experience Simulation Lab,” 2012 Healthcare Design Conference, facilitator

· Oct. 2011: “Improving Healthcare Experiences: How one architect transformed end-user engagement into a nonprofit movement,” AIA Georgia Design Conference, speaker

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