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Tammy Thompson

Architect, Medical Planner; Director of the Institute

Dr. Tammy Thompson is a licensed architect and design professional with over 20 years of experience in health care design. She is the president and founder of the Institute for Patient-Centered Design.

Dr. Thompson develops and delivers professional education to health care stakeholders and consultants through interactive workshops held annually. Her work has been published in the Journal of Perinatology, Healthcare Design Magazine, American Institute of Architects Academy Journal, and Health Environments Research and Design Journal. She has also contributed to the third edition of the Joint Commission’s Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities book, published in August 2015, and Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Design, published in October 2015. 

Kimberly Newton McMurray

Architect, Medical Planner, 
Health Facility Design Director; Vice President of Design

Kimberly Newton McMurray, offers an expertise in mental + behavioral health design, is a practicing healthcare planner and architect in over 35 years of leadership experience in healthcare on academic, non-profit and private medical campus architecture. McMurray has a decade of experience from the owner’s perspective and working with multi-disciplinary user groups, thereby embracing a unique perspective and response to client needs; applying her knowledge of clinical operations, evidence-based design, lean operational planning; to lead projects from programming, concept development through design.

Natasha Ramey

Community Development Coordinator; Board Member

Natasha Ramey brings to the organization a background in service to the public. She has spent years engaging the public, assessing and addressing to their needs. She skillfully communicates with diverse groups within the private sector, local, regional and state government agencies. Natasha has a personal stake in improving the healthcare environment. 

She responds to the needs of others with a compassionate ear and thoughtful solutions. With an education in public administration and career experience in the United States and Europe, Natasha Ramey is a charter member of the Institute's Board of Directors.

Shanta Gilles

Educator, Board Member

Shanta Gilles brings to the organization a strong desire to contribute to the well being of children. She has served as a volunteer within a children’s hospital, as well as multiple roles for a nonprofit children’s organization. Teaching experience in the United States and abroad has prepared Shanta to contribute to the development of the Institute's programs and resources. In addition to her professional experience, Shanta managed the long term nursing care of an elderly family member for many year. This personal experience as a caregiver enables her to relate to the challenges that patients and their families face in the healthcare environment. Shanta is also a charter member of the Institute's Board of Directors.

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