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Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Design with Patients in Mind


Tammy Thompson, NCARB, M.Arch, EDAC

Architect, Medical Planner; Director of the Institute

Tammy S. Thompson is a registered architect with diverse experience in design and construction management. She co-chartered the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) of Georgia. After establishing this chapter, she continues to serve Georgia’s healthcare design community as a co-chair and a member of the executive committee.

Tammy is the president and founder of the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. (the Institute), a nonprofit organization established to give patients a voice in the design of health environments. Through collaborative efforts with patients, clinicians and designers, she offers innovative solutions to current challenges within health facilities. In 2013, she was named Healthcare Design Magazine’s first “HCD 10 Association/Foundation Executive, and she was honored with Engineering News Record’s Top 20 Under 40 distinctions. Tammy was named

to the 2016 AIA Academy Architecture for Health U40 List, an honor given to the top two health care designers under 40. She has authored numerous articles on patient-centered design subjects, published in the Healthcare Design Magazine, the Health Environment Research and Design (HERD) Journal, and the AIA Academy Journal. As Director of “The Patient Experience Simulation Lab,” Tammy has been recognized nationally for educating designers and hospital stakeholders on key strategies for improving health facility design. She has contributed to the third edition of the Joint Commission’s Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities book, published in August 2015, and Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Design, published in October 2015.

In 2015, Tammy joined the faculty at the Savannah College of Art & Design as a professor of architecture. She has taught multiple health facility design studios and served as an ambassador for patient-focused design. Tammy is proud to serve as a leader and educator in the specialty of health facility design.

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Kimberly Newton McMurray, AIA, EDAC, MBA

Architect, Medical Planner, Health Facility Design Director; Vice President of Design

Kimberly McMurray brings to the organization an extensive background in health facility design practice, medical planning and project management. She has served as AIA Birmingham Chapter past President and Executive Committee Member and as a previous Leader Advocate with the Planetree Visionary Design Network. With experience on the Arizona State University College of Design Healthcare Initiative Advisory Board (2009-2010), and Evidence Based Design Accreditation by The Center for Health Design, Kimberly is well qualified to lead the design and academic partnership initiatives of the Institute.

Kimberly is an active volunteer and decision maker of the Institute's programs. After initially serving as an advisor, she now serves the Institute as an Officer of the Organization.

Marjorie Serrano, RN, PNP, AIA, EDAC

Nurse Practitioner, Architect, Clinical Consultant

Marjorie’s career goal is to improve health care by improving facilities through efficient operational planning, design, collaboration, and research. She believes involving patients, families and front line staff in planning is essential to a successful project. Experiences as a clinician, manager, consultant and architect give her a unique perspective to communicate with all team members.

After many years in nursing, she earned a Masters in Architecture in 2005. Her architecture career began at HKS with projects including award-winning hospitals. Subsequently she has become a licensed architect, gained experience on the owner side at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and worked as Senior Clinical Planner at Blue Cottage Consulting. She continues to practice part-time as a nurse practitioner. Marjorie has a strong background in operational planning, healthcare innovations, codes, and facility guidelines.

Natasha Ramey, MPA

Community Development Coordinator; Board Member

Natasha Ramey brings to the organization a background in service to the public. She has spent years engaging the public, assessing and addressing to their needs. She skillfully communicates with diverse groups within the private sector, local, regional and state government agencies. Natasha has a personal stake in improving the healthcare environment. She responds to the needs of others with a compassionate ear and thoughtful solutions. With an education in public administration and career experience in the United States and Europe, Natasha Ramey is a charter member of the Institute's Board of Directors.

Shanta Gilles, MS

Educator, Board Member

Shanta Gilles brings to the organization a strong desire to contribute to the well being of children. She has served as a volunteer within a children’s hospital, as well as multiple roles for a nonprofit children’s organization. Teaching experience in the United States and abroad has prepared Shanta to contribute to the development of the Institute's programs and resources. In addition to her professional experience, Shanta managed the long term nursing care of an elderly family member for many year. This personal experience as a caregiver enables her to relate to the challenges that patients and their families face in the healthcare environment. Shanta is also a charter member of the Institute's Board of Directors.

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