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Building a Culture of Health, a RWJF Strategic Initiative

Culture of Health Leader Tammy Thompson is working to contribute Outdoor Classrooms: Living Learning Labs for Better Health to her community in eastern North Carolina. As the leader for patient education for the health system, Dr. Thompson is working in partnership with local farmers and nonprofits to provide and maintain vegetable gardens on a hospital campus. This Living Learning Lab is open to the public for free education and resources that will help improve their diets and teach the value of plant-based nutrition. Families will participate in experiential learning by planting and harvesting foods, understanding the value of such foods to improve their health. In addition, these classrooms will be available for local professionals to host other free sessions that promote good health and well-being. The classrooms will be open year round, allowing participants to learn how to start and maintain seasonal crops in home gardens.




Outdoor Classrooms Site

ECU Health Beaufort Hospital serves as the pilot hospital for Outdoor Classrooms. Situated adjacent to the ECU Health Beaufort Wellness Center, this project houses 10 raised vegetable garden beds as a learning lab for the surrounding community. It also houses two herb garden planters to support Food and Nutrition Services.

Health Screenings & Education in the Classrooms

Community Members Vote for Desired Crops

Garden installation in Progress

Fall 2022 Crops Planted

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